Corinne Estrada

Corinne Estrada is an art lover.  She is born in Montmartre in the heart of the Bohemian artistic district.  Her mother was a painter and her grandmother a fashion designer which left a deep mark on her career.  Corinne has worked with Tate Modern where she learnt to look at art differently.  Over the past 20 years, she collaborated with world famous contemporary artists and built an international network of cultural leaders.  She has managed international communications campaigns for international museums and galleries.  She has toured the world to reveal art practices to large audiences.  In 2014, she organised the 14th edition of Communicating the Arts conference in Sydney.  In 2018, she moved to Sydney permanently and launched Talking the Arts at the National Art School to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci.  She believes that artists can change the world.


Davide Mura

Davide Mura is an art lover. He is a culture vulture with a deep passion for art, independent cinema, literature and travel. He was born in Italy and spent many years between Milan and Nice, before moving to Australia, where he works as a communications consultant and digital strategist, journalist and language teacher. During his academic life, he studied Italian literature, history and art history at the Catholic University of Milan and afterwards, he specialized in communication and journalism, both in Milan and in Lyon, at ISCPA, Institut supérieur des Médias.

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